Accessible Masks for All: Donate today!

We're still in a global pandemic that makes communication inaccessible for the deaf & hard of hearing. has been an online resource for clear face coverings since September 2020. We've started the Accessible Masks for All Fund to further our mission of making communication accessible – but we can't provide masks to those who need them without you. 


Join us in our mission of keeping everyone safe in this pandemic while ensuring lipreading and facial cues can be seen.

Some FAQ on the Fund:


What are the donations for?

Your generous donation goes towards purchasing clear masks for those who express need for them, making communication accessible!


Those who apply through our Accessible Masks for All Fund form will be the recipients of masks you help us financially cover. They may be small businesses, schools, doctors, audiology offices, and d/Deaf individuals or families.


(Note: a small 5% will go towards operating costs of If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact us!)

Why should I donate?

You'd be helping make accessible masks accessible to those who need them most! Or, at the least, you'd be normalizing accessibility during a pandemic.

How far does my donation go?

Anything helps us, even $10!

Our participating vendors sell their reusable masks at a retail price range of $15-$30 USD. So $10 will cover 75% of one reusable mask or a handful of disposable ones from the ClearMask!

Need masks? We're here to help!

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An accessibility resource created by two deaf siblings, Jacob & Patrick deHahn.

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