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Frequently Asked Questions

We cover a variety of topics on this page. 

For convenience, we've broken up the extensive list into three sections:

  1. Mask it up: general inquiries about masks & reasons for clear ones.

  2. Mask care: sanitary and specific products for clear masks.

  3. + and more: a variety of additional answers to thoughts you may have. 

  • Why should I wear a mask or face covering?
    As you may very well know, we're living in a pandemic that has sickened millions and killed hundreds of thousands globally. And face masks are one of the strongest ways to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. They help people stop from spreading or contracting the virus.
  • How are current face masks inaccessible?
    Well, most face masks fully cover the mouth, which makes communication inaccessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Face masks completely block any chances for lip-reading, facial cues, or facial expressions. They also make it more difficult for older people to communicate easily, a group greatly impacted by the pandemic.
  • Who am I helping by wearing an accessible mask?
    You're helping the deaf and hard of hearing population. That's more than 450 million globally, or 5% of the world.
  • What's an "accessible" face mask?"
    An "accessible" mask is a face covering that has a clear, transparent, see-through window where others can see more of the wearer's face and mouth for easy communication.

Want to learn more about accessibility or curious about who's behind

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