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The creators: Two deaf brothers

About us
Jacob and Patrick deHahn in clear masks is a passion project curated and developed by two brothers, Jacob and Patrick deHahn. Born profoundly deaf, today we hear and speak with our cochlear implants and are strong advocates for disability accessibility.


Currently in San Francisco and Brooklyn, respectively, we’ve personally experienced these communication difficulties with fully-covered face masks (while getting a COVID-19 test, safely flying cross-country, and voting in a primary). We hope this is a helpful resource for everyone across the globe to communicate safely and accessibly. Don't hesitate to say hello.

Jacob (right) and Patrick (left) deHahn in July 2020.


Jake deHahn is a UX/UI and visual designer obsessed with making the world accessible. He does the design & UI for's website and creates our visual identity. 


Currently Jake's quarantined in San Francisco, working for a startup as their lead designer. Jake has worked with non-profits, startups, tech companies, and small businesses. 

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Patrick deHahn is a journalist based in New York. He researches,  writes, and curates what you're reading here on

Patrick is a freelance reporter and almost-always-online news curator focused on national and global breaking news. He’s been published in Quartz, the Atlantic, CNN, USA TODAY, and elsewhere.

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